Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

dachshund smell

one of the things i have always loved about riley, and now dash and winnie, is their distinct non-dog smell. i never realized it until i read it somewhere, but dachshunds don't smell like dog. but they do smell. not bad. unless they've rolled in something foul, which is a fond habit of dachshunds, but i digress.

riley has the strongest smell, because he is pretty much bald, and he loves to sunbathe and burrow into warm blankets. his armpits are musky, and his neck smells like eggs, but in a good way. it's a warm, comforting smell. dash's smell varies, depending on his shampoo and how long it's been since his bath. when i got him, he smelled of cinnamon, and it got stronger if he got wet. it's been a while since his last bath, and he's been swimming and rained on a few times since then. so right now, he also has the egg smell, but it's very mild. i get more fur than anything when i sniff at him. now that winnie is shaved and has stopped tinkling all over herself (for the most part), she doesn't smell so much like pee. i'm still learning her natural smell - it's sweeter, and mild like dash. sugar and spice? she is a girl after all.

dachshund or not, dog feet smell like fritos. and it's awesome. i won't get into dog breath though. wee hoo!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

soggy doggies

last weekend was the orlando dachshund meetup group's annual pool party, which is both a fun and different event for the dogs as well as a fundraiser for the dachshund rescue dare. it's held at happy paws pet resort where they have a bone shaped pool made especially for the dogs. the shallow end is six inches, which is the perfect depth for stubby ween legs. i'll admit, we go more for my enjoyment than the dogs'. some of the dogs love it, but mine aren't too interested in the water. i think they think it's a big bath tub.

Doxie Pool Party 008
happy paws' bone pool

Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (8)
this is riley's swimming face. sheer terror.

Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (7)

Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (38)
did you see me? i'm a pro!

winnie can't swim and had to be rescued almost immediately. she kept her head above water, but her butt sank, and she was treading water completely vertical. who knows if that was all nerves though. maybe someday when she becomes a normal dog...

Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (12)

Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (36)
please make it go away.

Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (77)
and then she hid under the table.

Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (45)
this pic just makes me laugh. that's a suspicious look if i ever saw one.

um, why do i hear the jaws theme?

Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (63) Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (64)
da na...

Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (65) Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (66)
da na...

Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (67) Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (68)
da na na na na na na na...

Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (69)
tee hee this is so much fun!

there are tons more pics up on flickr - you can click through any photo to get there.

Monday, June 6, 2011


what is it???


could it be???



yeah yeah, i'm a wiener, and this is a gate.


oh the scandal!

welcome to wee three weens.