Wednesday, September 28, 2011

winnie's first year

last month was winnie's first gotcha day-versary. looking back at how winnie's progressed over the last year, she has come a long way. she no longer trembles when she's held by someone. she takes treats from my hands. she'll even approach me when i'm eating, interested in my food. she used to be too scared to even eat a treat or her food when anyone looking at her. her personality has blossomed. she is playful, and she wants to play so badly. that spunky little girl is in there, just dying to come out. but she's still so scared. and she is still a danger to herself when she's scared. she'll run head first into a wall, trying to get away. or she'll try to jump out of someone's arms at chest height. so, since it was time for her annual checkup at the v-e-t anyway, i asked him about anti-anxiety medication. i tried some natural remedies, but they didn't seem to help. and this isn't forever. it's just for now, to see if it can help to calm her down enough so she realizes that we're not here to hurt her. it's been almost a month, and so far, so good. hopefully big(ger) things will start happening soon.

as for the rest of her vet visit, she's completely healthy. and she weighs less than the cat.

winnie's gotcha day - aug 29, 2010
august 29, 2010
scared to death in the back seat

winnie bear
october 2010 meetup
the only way to keep her from hiding under the table was to hold her

winnie-bread girl
halloween 2010 meetup
little gingerbread girl

merry merry!
christmas 2010
she is a bearded dachshund

january 2011 meetup
the first time she crawled into my lap, now it's her favorite safe place

winnie naps viciously
february 2011
napping viciously. it's always a good sign when they start sleeping belly up.

Dachshund Pool Party 2011 (12)
june 2011
the annual dachshund pool party at happy paws. she sank like a rock.
we'll work on it for next summer.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

riley's radioactive eye

riley's radioactive eye

just kidding. i took riley to the vet this morning because his eyes were super bloodshot. you can kind of see it on the right. they put a yellow stain in them and looked at them under a blacklight to see if there was any damage on his corneas. i really wanted to take a picture of that, but it wasn't my normal vet, so i didn't want to ask. so i snapped this in the car of the little bit that was still oozing out.

riley's fine, he just has allergy eyes. yay. my old man. i'm starting to freak at every little thing that doesn't seem right. oh who am i kidding, i've always freaked over every little thing with them. but poor guy, he's always been terrified of the vet and shakes like a leaf the whole time. but boy is he happy when he knows it's time to leave!

after the vet happiness
let's go!!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sweaty wednesday

the ac broke, and it's hot!
so we're just trying to stay cool.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

riley vs. the mega-squeak

riley has a thing for certain toys. if it's tennis ball felt, he must kill it. if it's stuffed, he must kill it. if it squeaks, he must kill it. i gave up on buying stuffy and squeaky toys, because i was tired of picking up the innards all the time. then some genius thought of skineeez stuff-less toys, and riley lurves them!

then, someone created the mega-squeak - a toy with 16 squeakers. just like the giant tennis ball, i couldn't resist the novelty. and, of course, i had to buy the dachshund shaped one.

i love dash and winnie in this one, their faces are priceless.

surprisingly, it still has half its squeakers! riley's getting less dedicated in his old age. though he did finally succeed in ripping the head off, and it's become one of winnie's favorite toys to whip around. they're a bunch of cannibals.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

winnie wednesday

was yesterday mom!

yes, winnie, i know, i'm sorry. i have so much news too. it'll just have to wait till next week i guess. but what's that fancy eardo you've got there?

fancy eardo

it was flipped inside out, and then back over the front. little showoff.