Tuesday, September 20, 2011

riley vs. the mega-squeak

riley has a thing for certain toys. if it's tennis ball felt, he must kill it. if it's stuffed, he must kill it. if it squeaks, he must kill it. i gave up on buying stuffy and squeaky toys, because i was tired of picking up the innards all the time. then some genius thought of skineeez stuff-less toys, and riley lurves them!

then, someone created the mega-squeak - a toy with 16 squeakers. just like the giant tennis ball, i couldn't resist the novelty. and, of course, i had to buy the dachshund shaped one.

i love dash and winnie in this one, their faces are priceless.

surprisingly, it still has half its squeakers! riley's getting less dedicated in his old age. though he did finally succeed in ripping the head off, and it's become one of winnie's favorite toys to whip around. they're a bunch of cannibals.


  1. I just love how Riley is wagging his tail so hard throughout :) and Dash and Winnie's expressions are just priceless