Saturday, September 24, 2011

riley's radioactive eye

riley's radioactive eye

just kidding. i took riley to the vet this morning because his eyes were super bloodshot. you can kind of see it on the right. they put a yellow stain in them and looked at them under a blacklight to see if there was any damage on his corneas. i really wanted to take a picture of that, but it wasn't my normal vet, so i didn't want to ask. so i snapped this in the car of the little bit that was still oozing out.

riley's fine, he just has allergy eyes. yay. my old man. i'm starting to freak at every little thing that doesn't seem right. oh who am i kidding, i've always freaked over every little thing with them. but poor guy, he's always been terrified of the vet and shakes like a leaf the whole time. but boy is he happy when he knows it's time to leave!

after the vet happiness
let's go!!!!!

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