Saturday, March 17, 2012


three years ago, dash rescued me. happy gotcha day my love.

dash's gotcha day - mar 15, 2009
3-15-2009 with his warthog toof!

Dash - 1 Year Later


3-15-2012 in need of a trim and a bath.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

winnie's wish

winnie would like to take this wednesday to wish her big brothers HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! today is riley's 12th birthday, and we also celebrate dash's on the same day since his is unknown. dash is 10 today. my little old men! i <3 you both so much. and so does winnie.

we'll be celebrating with frosty paws this weekend. yum!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

paws in the park

this weekend was the annual paws in the park fundraising walk for the spca of central florida. and also the coldest weekend in months, as always seems to be the case for paws in the park. anywho, we all bundled up in our sweaters and strutted our stuff for homeless pets - raising $180! go weens!

paws in the park 001
they started getting antsy in the car.

paws in the park 078
we saw lots of fellow weens. i could always tell when one was near because riley would pull his leash.

paws in the park 081
it's a pretty long walk for little legs, so some crossed the finish line with a little help.

paws in the park 114
i bet this guy didn't take a single step.

paws in the park 029
some rolled...

paws in the park 056
in total style...

paws in the park 095
and some came just to hang out.

paws in the park 044
lots and lots of dogs. big...

paws in the park 084
and small.

paws in the park 099

paws in the park 126
and thin.

paws in the park 086

paws in the park 006
and old.

paws in the park 075

paws in the park 161
oh who am i kidding, they're all adorable.

paws in the park 094
there were costumes. like a german shepherd in a tutu.

paws in the park 105
a steampunk gang...

paws in the park 109
and their dog.

paws in the park 129
paws in the park isn't reserved just for dogs either.

paws in the park 005
or even the pawwed.

paws in the park 139
and of course, there's always the swans.

paws in the park 159

Sunday, February 5, 2012

well hello there

it's been quite a while. we moved over the holidays and are pretty settled now, just haven't been taking many pictures or in the blogging mood. but everyone is well. we went to the park last weekend, and i got zero pictures of winnie since she never left my lap. but the boys had fun running around. dash wandered off several times with some other dogs. it's so good to see him socializing. riley was socializing a little too much, if you catch my drift, the little pervert, so we finally had to leave.

someone needs a hair cut.

dash and his adorable poodle friend on an adventure.

riley barking at the german shepherd puppy.

riley still barking at the big dogs who'd like to have him as a snack. so bad.

who, me?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the happiest winnie wednesday of all

it's a special day today.

winnie's 3rd birthday 008
what is on my head?

happy 3rd birthday miss win!!!

winnie's 3rd birthday 010
what does that mean?

riley knows what it means.

winnie's 3rd birthday 028

frosty paws!

winnie's 3rd birthday 017

frosty tongues.

winnie's 3rd birthday 012 winnie's 3rd birthday 022

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

not winnie wednesday

saw this guy over at and had to do a double take. it isn't winnie - she would never be a patriots fan - but it could be her twin brother! i shall call him...twinnie.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

what makes me happy

okay, okay, so EVERYTHING about dash makes me happy (except the turd snacking, but we've all got our flaws). but what makes me REALLY happy is seeing dash happy, knowing what a long journey it was to get here.

if you're not familiar with dash's history, he was a puppy mill stud, locked in a cage for five years or so. when he got rescued, he was so anxious that'd he'd pace in tiny circles, and he was terrified of people and being touched. over time, the circles got bigger, and he learned that people weren't all that bad. when he came to me, he still had a long way to go, and my motto for him became "all touching is good touching." and i cuddled and petted him every chance i got. now he loves cuddling with me and will beg for pets, and i never turn him down.

at our halloween party, dash wandered into the crowds of people, and twice he got petted. by strangers! and he didn't flinch or run. he LIKED it. he seeked out attention. from STRANGERS! my little boy! *sniffle*

i know these aren't the best photos, but i had to get them while i could.