Tuesday, November 8, 2011

what makes me happy

okay, okay, so EVERYTHING about dash makes me happy (except the turd snacking, but we've all got our flaws). but what makes me REALLY happy is seeing dash happy, knowing what a long journey it was to get here.

if you're not familiar with dash's history, he was a puppy mill stud, locked in a cage for five years or so. when he got rescued, he was so anxious that'd he'd pace in tiny circles, and he was terrified of people and being touched. over time, the circles got bigger, and he learned that people weren't all that bad. when he came to me, he still had a long way to go, and my motto for him became "all touching is good touching." and i cuddled and petted him every chance i got. now he loves cuddling with me and will beg for pets, and i never turn him down.

at our halloween party, dash wandered into the crowds of people, and twice he got petted. by strangers! and he didn't flinch or run. he LIKED it. he seeked out attention. from STRANGERS! my little boy! *sniffle*

i know these aren't the best photos, but i had to get them while i could.



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