Monday, July 11, 2011

the aftermath bath

we had quite an eventful day saturday. we went to visit an old friend and a new puppy, then to the dog park. apparently it was too much for winnie to handle. she tossed her cookies all over me and my car, and then wiped her poopy butt in my lap.

so we came home and took a bath.



of course it's asking too much to have them all look at the same time.


  1. Does Riley always have that wide eyed OMG what is happening to me look? He's so cute!

    Poor you and the poop and puke. All three are cute though

  2. So cute, and yes it is too much to have them all looking your way at once. :)

    Poor Winnie... I hope her tummy & her butt are feeling better.

  3. yes, riley always looks like that. it's awesome.

    winnie's fine, she just gets nervous and then comes the ibs, lol!