Friday, October 7, 2011

my special dash

another reminder, i moved the blog and messed up everything, including the rss feed, so please update any bookmarks, links, subscriptions, etc. to!

i like to compare dash to an autistic child, because it's the best way to describe his special personality. he doesn't bark, doesn't play, doesn't really seem to be aware or interested in much of the world around him (unless it involves me or food). but every now and then, the dog in him comes out. and nothing makes me happier than seeing dash act like a normal, happy dog.

winnie likes to chew on an elk antler (from the daily coyote) while i'm getting ready for bed, and after months of not paying any attention, dash has taken an interest. i found him gumming it one night and practically had to fight him to take it away. and again the next night. and the next morning, he found it on the floor next to the bed and went to town. and then he PLAYED with it. i almost cried. my sweet, special dash is a real boy.


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